Beautiful Girl

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! Please peruse and enjoy the pieces I've uploaded. I have always enjoyed creating but sometimes creativity leaves me for extended periods or just finds an outlet other than visual art. This site is sort of a quiet room for me. One I don't get to visit very often. It is called Great Sedna after the Inuit goddess.

By the time an idea gets from my brain to my hands I often feel maimed by inability, lack of time, or fear. Too clumsy to piece together the creature in my mind's eye. But Sedna made beauty from butchery and I admire her immensely.

Her story has always seemed like a violent example of the platitudes given by the well-meaning during hard times. I love her and I think creating sea creatures from her severed digits really makes lemonade from lemons look like a pitiful effort. And here I'd like to add a quote from Brak - a mad but wildly funny cartoon character, "When life gives you lemons you blast those lemons to bits with your awesome laser cannons!" Oh! to have laser cannons.