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Though the Twilight books are older, I had truly hoped that young adults would

forgo them and embrace the Looking Glass Wars series. A re-imagining of the

Alice myth that is truly a worthy read. But it did not catch on in the same way,

so the Vampire, and not the talking rabbit, is the current Mythological Mistress

to the world. More's the pity.

That said, the new Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland has made all things

Alice en vogue for the moment. I've seen the film and though there were a few

forced and unnecessarily modern moments (I believe this will date the film. It has

become an irritating Disney earmark in recent years), it was genuinely delightful.

Because of this, I am seriously considering adding some of my many Alice-themed

and Alice-inspired pieces to the site. I haven't before because Alice is a very

personal thing to me. Posting my Wonderland works would seem a bit like posting a

nude photo. The only other such story so dear to me and so ingrained in my being

is that of Dorothy and her companions as they travel to meet the Wizard. Something

about lost girls who eventually find their way speaks to me. Alice and Dorothy

actually meet and discuss their adventures (in a way) in some of my work.

We will see how this works itself out.